Moving Insurance Georgia


Moving Insurance GAWe understand that you may be very worried about your relocation. That is why we can reduce your stress by offering you a wide range of moving insrance services for your goods, so you may not worry about their damage or loss and concentrate on your moving. Please check for the main quotes Moving Insurance Georgia.


General Information - Moving Insurance Georgia

  • Limited Liability — it is the basic moving company insurance that is already applied to your moving cost, as it is required by the federal law, thus, your items will be covered at max of 50-60% per pound, the amount of coverage is called «carrier`s liability». When you have an interstate moving the percentage may vary, but usually it is around 30 cents for a pound. So for exapmle if you have long distance moving and you will damage your 20 pound TV, you will only be compensated $12 for it`s replacement, that`s why you should have a good think about the type of the moving company insurance you need.

  • Full Replacement — at this option any damaged or lost item will be covered, it is also protecting from loss of an expensive items, but you have to list them prior to the day of moving. There are two main types of Full Replacement:

  1. Valued Inventory - it is the most extensive vairant and it provides you with the fullest coverage. It`s main purpose for you to list all the transporting items which needs the moving insurance and state thier value (for example «dining room, 12 pieces, value»). Goods that will not be listed will not be insured, so to get a full coverage you have to declare all the items that are transferred. Such kind of insurance is offered for both Interstate and Intrastate movings.

  2. Lump Sum - this kind of moving company insurance is also offered for both Interstate and Intrastate moving. The main purpose of it, is to state the overall price of the goods you transfer, so they will be insured according to the overall price. Each item that is declared at a price more than $1000, must be written separately to be insured at it`s specific price.

  • Third-party insurance contract — you can search for another insurance contract or get quotes in another company, for example at the insurance company, or you can check it with us, so we will find you the best possible variant for your type of moving.

  • Your Personal Homeowner`s Insurance — sometimes they do cover fully or partial moving, you have to clarify it with your agent.


Moving Company Insurance Georgia. Items not Covered and Special Considerations

Moving Moving Insurance GAYour boxes content will not be covered unless it is packed by our specially trained staff, if the box will be packed by the customer is damaged or lost, the compensation will be calculated basing on the average weight of 50 pounds, without consideration of the actual box content.

Perishables — you have to avoind packing perishable goods unless you order our special services, such as refrigerated transport

Non packed glass and other fragile items — for such items they should be prepacked by our specialists in order to be fully covered.

For your goods to be covered you or the agent must be presented at pick-up and delivery, also you have to declare valuable items before shipping starts, for any special goods to be transfered such as pets, dangerous materials, luxury items, perishable goods you have to order the relevant type of service.

Please contact our Support Department to receive the professional help and  Moving Insurance Georgia, and advise on which variant you should choose and to get the response to any arising questions.